Catex Exchange

Crypto Vault is coming to Catex Exchange soon!

Crypto Vault’s CVT token is an innovative deflationary token that powers the encryption of the crypto vault ecosystem. Crypto Vault is a revolutionary exchange, that allows future generations to benefit from savvy crypto investments made today, and will be a game-changer in…

FIBIT #FBT token is launching on Catex Exchange soon.

🔸Trading Date: Tomorrow Tuesday 10:00AM UTC.


Fibit is World’s first discount broking crypto exchange.
Fibit enables users to buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptos in real time, 24/7 with only max $1 or 0.1% fees whichever is…

Raptoreum #RTM is coming to Catex Exchange soon!

🔸Market pair: RTM/USDT

🔸Listing date: 28th March 10:00 AM UTC

Raptoreum is a proof-of-stake/proof-of-work hybrid blockchain that says its goal is to solve real world issues in ways to help drive adoption and bring about a positive global change.



Metaplanet #MPL token is launching on Catex Exchange soon.

🔸Date: 22nd 10:00AM UTC.

🔸Market pair: MPL/USDT

Metaplanet is building a Swap, trade, play, earn, profit and share product on bsc fastest growing decentralized ecosystem. Metaplanet is simple, yet powerful applications that offers fan’s of DeFi + Metaverse the most complete…

Catex Exchange

Catex Exchange

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