Catex Token (CATT) will become DeFi

What to Expect with Catex DeFi

This will be an overview of the roadmap and what. CATT investors can expect. Without detailing too much into the figures before the official announcements.

Step one of the roadmap — Token Creation

To make Catex Token into a DeFi project, we created another token that will pair with CATT, called Catex.Finance (YCATT). The contract be found at As of now, the public only knows the the total supply will be 50 millions. In the beginning the circulating supply will be much less.

Step two of the roadmap — DeFi page

This might be the most important step in the Catex DeFi process. We will develop a webpage and also redirect the website to this DeFI page. This page will serve as a platform where investors can see the token information such as tokenomics (allocations, circulation supply), a portal for prestaking YCATT with CATT, the utility of YCATT, and also the farming system when it is released at a later date.

Step three of the roadmap — CATT/YCATT Staking

Before the ITO and uniswap listing dates , CATT token holders will have the chance to do prestaking of YCATT between November 30th and January 15th. A certain percentage of the YCATT supply will be allocated to prestaking. Investors of CATT will have a chance to receive the allocation for free rather than participating in the ITO or uniswap listing. That is why it’s the best time to buy CATT now. The value of the expected allocation will be much higher then the current market cap of CATT token.

Step four of the roadmap — ITO

We have chosen to use for YCATT ITO. We decided to use a third party platform instead of catex to raise the funds because of the increasing popularity of bounce in the DeFi community. As for the price of YCATT at the ITO, we have chosen $0.10. The marketcap and allocation of supply to the ITO has not been announced to the public yet.

Step five of the roadmap — listing on uniswap

After the ITO has been completed , YCATT and a certain percentage of sales will be allocated as locked liquidity into uniswap pool. The market price of listing will be $0.30. If there are any unsold tokens, they will be burned from the total supply.

Step six of the roadmap — CATT buyback

A certain percentage of funds will be allocated to the buyback of CATT from the market in Catex Exchange. The amount will be disclosed in the DeFi page and is expected to be sizable.

Step seven of the roadmap — YCATT farming

We will develope a DeFi farming feature on Catex Exchange. The first pool, investors will have to pair CATT with YCATT to get the high APY returns. The feature will be expanded to include other DeFi projects where CATT and YCATT is also expected to be paired.

Step eight of the roadmap — CATT burn

We will be burning the buyback supply from the allocation fund.

Step nine of the roadmap — CATT uniswap listing

CATT and ETH liquidity from the fund will be placed also on uniswap. The allocation amount is not announced yet.

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