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This is the year of the exchange token. So might next year and the year after that. The demand of exchange tokens has skyrocketed this year because of the profitability and utility use of these tokens. They are highly coveted since the cryptocurrency market has been down more than 75% since its high in December 2017. Binance, one of the highest volume exchanges in the world, has also had a huge impact on the perception of crypto exchanges. It seems like everyone these days are trying to participate in an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) after their success of it’s launchpad. I’m going to tell you why Catex token of Catex Exchange will be one of the leading exchange tokens going forward among it’s competitors.

If you are looking for a quality investment with much upside, you definitely won’t find a better opportunity than Catex. As previously discussed in the following post, Catex — The number one profit-sharing exchange, Catex Exchange is the most generous exchange currently listed on CMC. Up to 90% of profits from transaction fees are given to Catex token lockers. If you are wondering about the rules regarding receiving daily dividends, see the following regulations below:

Locking system has been lived, to qualify for daily dividends, please lock your CATT as long as possible. The details are below:

Lock for 7 days gets 50% level

Lock for 15 days gets 60% level

Lock for 30 days gets 70% level

Lock for 45 days gets 80% level

Lock for 60 days gets 90% level

No lock gets no dividend.

One of our goals at Catex Exchange is to give back as much as we can because we truly appreciate the users. Not only does 90% of our transactions fees goes back to the users, but also 100% of dice profits are used for promotional events for users to enjoy. Over the last month, we had promoted a Dice Game competition. All profits went to those who bet the most amount of BTC, ETH, USDT, or CATT over a four week period. Since this promotion has expired, we are currently using the profits to award winners of weekly trading competitions. To set ourselves apart from our competitors, we decided to take things a step further and offer 95% of all listings fees as a prize to winners. Here is the current format of a Bitcoin market trading competition that will start on April 22nd and last until April 29th:

100% of dice game profits (BTC, ETH and USDT) + 95% of listing fees will be given away to the winners of the event each week!

Total amount of listing fees for this week is 9 eth.

1st week competition period: from April 22nd to April 29th

Official start and end time is at 10 AM (UTC)

The leaderboard could be checked from here (the page will be available on April 22nd)


1. A real time leaderboard will be posted via our social media platforms each day.

You can see your position at

2. Scores will be counted as the total volume (buying + selling power) on a daily basis. Then we will take the average of each day.


Day 1 trading volume for you is $1,000

Day 2 trading volume for you is $10,000

Day 3 trading volume for you is $0

Day 4 trading volume for you is $0

Day 5 trading volume for you is $100

Day 6 trading volume for you is $1,000

Day 7 trading volume for you is $0

Therefore, we will calculate your final score as $1,782. (Day1 + Day2 + Day3 + Day4 + Day5 + Day6 + Day7) / 7

3. Multiple accounts by same user will not qualify

4. To be eligible for the lottery, the trader must meets minimum of $2,500 average trading volume over the week

5. Only the following pairs within the BTC market will be counted in the leaderboard:


6. All mining pairs are excluded from the event


1st place: 50% of listing fees + 70% of dice game profits

2nd place: 30% of listing fees+ 20% of dice game profits

3rd place: 10% of listing fees + 10% of dice game profits

4–10th place: One person will be chosen to win 5% of the total listing fees (we will announce the lottery rules after the event ends)

Another unique feature that sets us apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges is that we have a zero withdrawal fee system. This is absolutely one of my favorite features on the entire exchange. If you plan on cashing out dividends each day, you could literally save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Since dividends are paid out in multiple coins such as bitcoin, ethereum, tether, litecoin and many others, this system is really useful if you plan on doing multiple withdraw request each day. Here is is the current rules on how to qualify for the zero withdrawal fee system:

Withdrawal Fee Reduction Benefits for CATT Holders

Tier 0 : Catt holding amount = 0 Withdrawal fee reduction = Stays the SAME

Tier 1 : Catt holding amount = 10,000–99,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 10%

Tier 2 : Catt holding amount = 100,000–299,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 20%

Tier 3 : Catt holding amount = 300,000–499,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 30%

Tier 4 : Catt holding amount = 500,000–999,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 40%

Tier 5 : Catt holding amount = 1,000,000–2,499,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 50%

Tier 6 : Catt holding amount = 2,500,000–4,999,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 60%

Tier 7 : Catt holding amount = 5,000,000–7,499,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 70%

Tier 8 : Catt holding amount = 7,500,000–9,999,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 80%

Tier 9 : Catt holding amount = 10,000,000–19,999,999 Withdrawal fee reduction = 90%

Tier 10 : Catt holding amount = 20,000,000 or more Withdrawal fee reduction = 100%


1. You must meet the minimum Catt holdings

2. The above withdrawal fee discounts for each Tier are in real time (ex. If you meet the holding criteria at and time, you can withdrawal using the fee discount)

3. Will start from Feb 1st 11:00 AM (UTC)

When we analyze or do price predictions, most investors will take in account two main factors: current price and supply. The Catex token is far more attractive to investors today than any other exchange token listed on Coinmarketcap. Lets compare versus some notable exchanges.

Catex Exchange (CATT) vs Binance (BNB)

Current Price= 19 sats (0.001 USD) vs 447368 sats (23.77 USD)

Total Supply = 1.94 Billion (920 Million in circulation) vs 189.1 Million (141 Million in circulation)

Catex Exchange (CATT) vs Coinex (CET)

Current Price= 19 sats (0.001 USD) vs 457 sats (0.024 USD)

Total Supply = 1.94 Billion (920 Million in circulation) vs 9.9 Billion

Catex Exchange (CATT) vs Digifinex (DFT)

Current Price= 19 sats (0.001 USD) vs 5050 sats (0.27 USD)

Total Supply = 1.94 Billion (920 Million in circulation) vs 2.1 Billion

Note: The Catex team has taken an aggressive approach to reducing the total supply of tokens. Originally, the amount was 10 Billion. As of today, it stands at 1.94 Billion.The team is still burning CATT tokens from the circulating supply. Each Monday, there is an official burning of 5 Million CATT tokens +the number of CATT token profits from the dice game for the previous week.

In my final thoughts, I would like to say that Catex Exchange has a great team that is community driven. As for a new investor coming to the exchange, you will not meet a more dedicated team of professionals. was only launched in August of 2018 and so far it has exceeded every expectation. The opportunity to get in early as some would call it still exist.



The most generous profit-sharing crypto exchange listed on coinmarketcap! Receive daily dividends from the mining transaction platform.

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Catex Exchange

The most generous profit-sharing crypto exchange listed on coinmarketcap! Receive daily dividends from the mining transaction platform.