The Melo Token AMA is now live. Please welcome the founder, Joseph.

The Token of Appreciation. Giving, Tipping, Gifting, Spreading love and humanity. The token that lives with you.

Melo Token’s vision is to make giving, tipping and Gifting as easy as it can be using the blockchain revolution, anywhere and everywhere.

MELO is TRC20 token based on Tron network, it is totally decentralized and we have chosen Tron network to make MELO very cheap in fees for people and very fast in transactions.

There is an Airdrop and Presale. The excitement is coming.

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Telegram user: we all know that the majority of real life users don’t know what Cryptocurrency is all about. How will Melo team bring the adoption & education to these ones?

Joseph: Hello thanks for question!
As we mentioned in whitpaper, #melo teaches the newbies to Crypto space that the #crypto world may be more accessible for ordinary people than they imagine!
Anyone with any investment can participate in #melo project, learn about it and finally make some profit for him/herself!
#melo makes it simpler to think about investing in such projects!
Thank you

Telegram user: Why does Melo token not have an anti-whale policy (it does not have a maximum purchase per user regime)? Is this a team strategy? Or will this benefit the purposes of the project?

Joseph: If we add bep20 we can add liquidity on pancakeswap then apply for pancakeswap staking, all Melo holders and investors will be so happy. It prevent whales to influence! Of course we have some other predictions when listed!

Telegram user: What basically makes #melo different from other same Cryptocurrencies and especially from the #shitcoins?

Joseph: Special thanks for your good question!
Melo is nearly zero fee and instant in sending and receiving which became the most important factor in crypto world today as most of currencies have high fees and take long time in transactions

Telegram user: Why do you have choose Trc20 based network to create melo token instead of BSC? While most of the successful projects are developed by bsc based token right now?

Joseph: We choose Trc20 because of the low fee but we’ve an exciting update coming up regarding our move to a new exciting chain. And Melo move to become a multi-chain. Thank you

Telegram user: The gas fee on Ethereum blockchain is crazy high. Why did you decided to build your project on ETH? Any plan to incorporate with other Blockchain such as BSC?

Joseph: We have not built on Ethereum network but on TRC20 and has plan of going multi-chain after the Presale!
We are going to negotiate about BSC and then maybe Pancakeswap in future!

Telegram user: Is the supply unlimited and are team tokens locked?

Joseph: No additional token will be Minted, It has a cap supply. All team allocation will be locked for long term.

Telegram user: At the moment, where you are focusing right now? Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Could you share it?

Joseph: We’re currently on presale and has exciting news coming. Our team main focus is development of the project and push to meet our roadmap. Not getting we’re getting listed on one of biggest Korean exchange after presale and will become a multi-chain soon as we tend to launch on new blockchain.
Thank you


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