StrongHands Finance (iSHND) is Listing at Catex Exchange

Catex Exchange
Dec 29, 2021

StrongHands Finance (iSHND) will be listed on Jan 2nd at 10:00 UTC.

StrongHands Finance (iSHND) is a BEP20 Token of the StrongHands Crosschain ecosystem. An increasing demand among our community inspired us to move to a Defi Ecosystem by integrating our 1st generation blockchains to a descentralized protocol who connects to the most popular networks as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network and Ethereum.

iSHND aims to make token trading easy to newbie users, while improving efficiency of trading versus the CEX exchanges.

Multichain Ecosystem: It will be one of the first Blockchain community to give access to all the blockchain technology available: SHND Sha256 coin (minning and stake), SHMN (PIVX Fork Masternode) iSHND (MultiChain DeFi Token).




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