Upcoming Catex.Finance (YCATT) ITO at Bounce.Finance Platform

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2 min readDec 2, 2020

Date: December 15th

Where: Bounce.Finance platform (link will be announced on December 15th)

ITO Price: 1 ETH = 5920 YCATT

Uniswap Listing: 1 ETH = 1973 YCATT


Token name: Catex.Finance

Ticker: YCATT

Contract address: 0x2bf445338c364edc9fb0b1620cd68ec09995d34e

Total supply: 50,000,000

Pre-staking supply: 2,000,000 ($600,000 value to CATT holders)

Development supply: 1,000,000

ITO supply: 10,000,000 (whatever unsold tokens will be burned)

Uniswap liquidity pool: 2,000,000 (locked)

Team supply: 5,000,000 (locked for 1 year)

With the above tokenomics, circulating supply starting out will be 13,000,000 YCATT.


Catex.Finance (YCATT) is a DeFi project supported by Catex Exchange. The asset will provide incentives to investors on the Catex farming and staking platforms such as daily dividends from transactions and high yield farming rewards. It also provides reward to liquidity providers.


✔️ October 30th — YCATT Token creation

Completed: Catex.Finance (YCATT) ERC20 Token contract address can be found at https://etherscan.io/token/0x2bf445338c364edc9fb0b1620cd68ec09995d34e

✔️ November 20th — Opening of CATT DeFi webpage

Completed: DeFi page opened up at Catex.Finance or www.catex.io/defi

November 30th — CATT:YCATT pre- staking begins

December 15th — YCATT bounce.finance ITO ($0.10 price)

January 15th — listing of YCATT on uniswap ($0.30 listing price)

January 20th — CATT buyback

February 10th — open YCATT farming feature on Catex Exchange

February 20th- CATT burn

March 1st — CATT Uniswap listing


Homepage: https://www.catex.io/defi or Catex.Finance

YCATT YouTube: https://youtu.be/J8Yc3Tl7ohA

catex Telegram: https://t.me/catex_group

Catex Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/catexofficial



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