Not only has the world changed in 2020 since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, but so has the cryptocurrency exchange landscape. As the landscape changes, Catex Exchange has been adapting to the new world post 2020. Between launching in August, 2018 and 2020, Catex Exchange operated as a incentive exchange under mining-transaction protocols. Since the beginning of 2020, Catex has transitioned to a more traditional spot exchange. There has been many reasons for the change but I will quickly highlight the most prominent three reasons; the devalue price of CATT token and its inflation rate; crypto tracking websites began to penalized incentive trading exchanges; we wanted to focus more on client-user features and interactions. In this article I will elaborate on our efforts to expand on client-user features and interactions. The features and ideas that you see now on Catex Exchange are birthed from the bear season and alt coin demise. During this time, cryptocurrency traders and holders were looking for ways to hedge losses. During these times we decided to optimize Catex Exchange service to cater to projects looking to launch or get additional exposure during tough times.

Before I get into specifically why Catex is a great exchange to list your project, I will go over some quick facts about us.

  • Catex has a web ranking of 25,000 on Alexa (we have over 300,000 active traders each month)
  • • Average daily reported volume of over $100,000,000 according to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • • Over 14,000 followers on Twitter
  • • Over 10,000 followers on Telegram
  • • 4,200 subscribers on Youtube
  • • We also have a Reddit, Medium and Facebook accounts which we advertise on regulary
  • • There is no KYC or AML policies to register with Catex Exchange

Now lets get in to the good stuff…

1. Catex Exchange Longevity and Team Support

There are hundreds of exchanges that close down its doors each year. Either from a hacking attack, bankrupty or scam attempt. With that in mind, Catex has now been operating for almost 2 and half years. We have withstood DDoS attacks and even the great bear season. There has never been a successful hacking of the exchange while other major exchanges such as Binance and Kucoin have suffered losses from attacks. Our success can be contributed to how centralized our whole internal process is. We have listed over 130 projects in our lifetime and have never lost any assets.

Our core team are all investors of the exchange. We take a personal interest in the growth and success of all projects listed on the exchange. We always try to accommodate each project with their requests. We are not one of those exchanges that take your money and offer no additional support.

2. Initial Listing Benefits

Emmanuel Chibugo is the head of development at Catex Exchange. Hes in charge of the listing procedures. Each project is will have the following; pre-listing graphic and banner that will be advertised; listing day graphic and banner that will be advertised; 1 month free market making account; option for a trading competition event with a live leaderboard or a staking event; free blockchain maintenance; continuous access to features and events. We also have the capability to host an AMA as a prelaunch strategy.

3. Catex Faucet Program

The faucet program was our attempt to gain more attention from investors looking for ways to create passive income. As of now we have a few premium coins in the faucet such as Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum. We have a few smaller projects listed in the faucet program. Some projects don’t agree to give out free cryptocurrency in faucets, but some projects do think the reward is greater than the cost because of the advertising aspect. The minimum amount for us to create a faucet plan for your project is $50 worth of the project tokens. The amount collected per user is around 0.01–0.03 USD per click. The normal collection time on average is every 5 hours.

To see additional information, you can visit the faucet page at https://www.catex.io/faucet

4. Catex Staking Program

Just as the faucet program, the Catex Staking Program was also an attempt to get those looking for passive income. However, it became a crucial tool for projects to advertise and gain more investors since they would have to buy the project tokens first to enter any staking pools. The staking programs allows for project owners or investors to create staking pools with customizable features such as period time, total amount of tokens available in pool, and the minimum and maximum investment quotes. Some projects choose to hold staking events, which allows them to give additional rewards for the top stakers besides the interest they are already getting.

5. Reduced Fees and Other Benefits

Catex Exchange has put together an incentive program for users to hold CATT tokens. It works in a very simple way. The more CATT tokens that a users holds, the more the withdrawal fees are reduced. Some users are enjoying zero withdrawal fees. Users can also use CATT tokens as a way to pay transaction fees and save further cost. The referral system on Catex is considered very generous compared to other exchanges. Users are getting 50% of the trading fees from their direct referrals and 0.5% of their dice game bets, no matter if they win or lose.

Interested parties in listing at Catex Exchange should only contact the business developer by email at nuelo@catex.io

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